Writing Something

c: Oct 30, 2023

Life is interesting and full of ups and downs. The cliché truly holds, and expecting a linear life is a fantasy that will never come true. There are moments in life that define us. Some are pure and joyful, while others appear dire and hopeless. This raises the question: what does it mean for someone to have lived a happy life? It’s hard to say. What’s certain is that every living being is unique with their own perspective on life. In some ways, animals have it easy; they are true to their nature and live fully during their time on Earth. Every day for them is about survival. They don’t grapple with cultural or societal issues. They are wild and free.

What is freedom? What does it mean to be free? How can one achieve freedom? Does true freedom even exist? Such fundamental questions arise when contemplating life, leading to deeper inquiries such as: why live at all if death is inevitable? One intriguing aspect of life is that, unlike some stories, it has a definitive ending.

There are many ways to define living, but one resonating definition is being true to oneself. Countless individuals have lost their identities and grappled with these questions. Ultimately, many have reconnected with profound ideas and moments—moments free from concerns about others’ opinions and desires. In these instances, the soul is unchained, basking in pure authenticity. Through such experiences, one feels deeply connected to existence and the universe. Authenticity is liberating, though the mind doesn’t always permit it.

Rising above the constraints of the mind is freeing. While the mind crafts emotions and feelings for self-preservation, transcending it can introduce a non-physical realm. In this state, there’s no need to heed the mind’s musings. One can simply release these emotions and thoughts. This clarity brings the mind closer to the true self. This self predates existence; it’s pure and untouched. However, once the mind recognizes the self, it further complicates our understanding of life.

The more one meditates, the more layers peel away to reveal our true essence. Stripped of desires and wants, the self knows its purpose and acts accordingly. Reaching this level of self-awareness is challenging but rewarding. Basic needs aside, much of what we perceive loses its significance because, perhaps, it’s not meant to be significant. Survival is essential for existence in our physical realm. Beyond this realm’s rules, everything simply exists.

Where this narrative is heading might not resonate with the average reader. In a direct conversation, communication could be smoother. However, in this format, without dialogue, the prevailing theme is authenticity. There’s tranquility in penning these words. They are unfiltered and raw. They might represent simple ideas, but they are imbued with profound meaning. Capturing these experiences in writing is no easy task.