Log 1

c: Oct 31, 2023


The tenth month of 2023 has passed. It’s been three years since I left my home and moved abroad. The strange thing is that these three years are difficult to remember because not much happened on my end. There are some extremely significant events that stay in memory, but those happened to my loved ones. Other major events occurred in between.

Three years is a long time. One lesson these years have taught a lesson on not to over-prioritize life. Life unfolds on its own. Today, after three years, I’m in a slightly better position than I was before. Over these years, it had a truly humbling experience. Some people are naturally inclined to act, while others prefer to narrate. Something about the latter group feels reassuring and calming.

However, constant talking and idleness are often seen as laziness and unproductivity. So, I decided to write about all the mundane happenings in my life. Why? I’m not entirely sure.

Let’s see if this daily log becomes a thing or not.

Logging rules:

  1. Do not log on holidays or weekends, so there will be no entries on those days.
  2. Must update online by 10:00 pm every day.
  3. Each log must exceed 300 words.
  4. No personal details should be included in these logs.
  5. These logs will contain discoveries, philosophies, thoughts, and actions. Nothing more.


Decided to start this new form of logging, which I’ll term “action logging.” These logs will capture actions geared towards creation or experience, no matter how ordinary. Realized that ceramics can be quite pricey. A simple plate might cost up to 99 euros! That’s incredibly expensive, especially considering many are handcrafted.

Also did some research on startup ideas I had in mind. It seems the market is already saturated, and there isn’t much demand. This suggests further exploration is necessary.