Log 11

c: Dec 04, 2023

For the past two weeks, it was all about the thesis and closing up the master thesis. The conclusion of that part of life remarks a new adventure. For some reason, the motivation is hard to get. Certain things are preventing the mind from working. Is it fear? Is it un-certainity? Or is it just a lack of confidence in the execution or required skills? In this ever-evolving and rapidly competitive field, several people are doing the same thing over and over. Eventually, people will become so good that they can conjure new stuff.

Reaching a pivotal point to see through the previous stuff requires significant dedication and investment. The biggest problem has always been the fear of the future. However, is it necessary to worry about the future? Only time will tell. There will be jobs, but surviving with abundance will be uncertain. With rapidly evolving fields like AI/ML, there is no certainty to invest in anything. Staying afloat is easy.

The question now is more about what to do with life. The interest sways like a branch of a tree flowing with the movement of the wind. The root of this branch remains attached to the tree that is computing. As a result, there is no strong path from the trunk to that branch. There is no fun living a life with an undefined path. Clairovoynace is hard. Thinking about this path will not do anything good. As mentioned earlier, figuring things out is futile and leads to nowhere. If that is the case, what is the point of all this?

Most of the life has no meaning. Surviving another day means consuming resources for another day. There are multiple ways to get enough materials. With a large amount of people and finite resources, getting good ones means surviving and coming ahead on top of the competition. Now, the most challenging part is to prove the skills and also be on top.

Almost everyone has access to some raw resources, except a few who were lucky to be born with enough resources. This luck doesn’t determine the end state of the person. There is no guarantee a fortunate birth can lead to a good life. There are problems everywhere, paradoxically, there aren’t any problems at all. This paradox provides the key to moving forward. It is all about being consistent and looking ahead.