Log 17

c: Jan 08, 2024

Nothing significant was achieved – until something clicked over the Christmas break. Pinpointing the trigger is challenging, but a notable shift occurred. Recently, indulging in anime episodes has become a natural inclination. It’s hard to ignore the change, considering the newfound habit of binge-watching entire 12-episode series during and after doing dishes. It seems like an escape from something, the only lingering question being: from what?

In retrospect, the cause may not matter. As for learning, there wasn’t any progress. Except for extensive exploration in SwiftUI and experimenting with diffusion models in Python. It’s a simple yet frustrating process. No complains. Progress takes time. Especially when the movement is at a snail’s pace, at least there’s movement.

Bouldering is another source of enjoyment. Scaling those walls and leaping from heights brings a sense of freedom. Recently, there’s been no discomfort in the ankles when landing from those elevated jumps.

What else? This is probably the first update post-Christmas break. Two weeks of a proper break have infused enough motivation to work. Life will continue, and things are bound to improve – there’s no denying that.