Log 18

c: Jan 12, 2024

Commitment is hard. Discipline is hard. Despite this fact, it is something to be achieved. There are things necessary to carry out. Being aware of what happens every day surely helps. The Christmas break broke the consistency, and now there is an issue with keeping things up. The first priority is fixing cooking habits because it leads to excuses for delaying the necessary work. Getting that out of the system creates an easiness, which, in return, helps to maintain the balance.

Then, some ideas keep popping up due to a lack of goals. There isn’t a single defined goal, and everything seems to be clogged up.

What is it that I feel like achieving over the long term? From the current status, what is it that the heart seeks and the mind agrees to? Answers are required to gain focus and priorities. It is one thing about finding a job, but not all jobs are equal. The job should match the future goal.

One thing about the future is that it is uncertain, and nothing can be said about it. Therefore, whatever happens, nothing guarantees it. The only way to achieve what the heart desires is to build the things that seem necessary at the moment. Let’s try to quench some thirst for building things.

Since there is a promise to do something close to research, let’s concentrate on it. Whether it pans out or not, dedicating most of my waking hours to focus on this one project and completing it will lead to some conclusion. It doesn’t matter how big or small the project is, as long as there is a way to show the final result.

Thus, decide on the timeline and pursue it.