Log 19

c: Jan 16, 2024

Tuesday: the day was productive, given the fact that the refactoring of the code is done. As for the learning part, it is only about a few revelations about the diffusion model.

While working through the video diffusion model, I realized some weird details where the model generates everything in parallel. Compared to the keyframe-based animation process, where each individual frame is hand-drawn, the diffusion process seems lacking in the video generation domain. It simply means that there is room for improvement.

Next, there is curiosity and passion. One realization that hit me is passion is an overkill. Those who chase passion are chasing lust. Life is simple. It is a state of being, and most of the external world interacts with this state of mind by inducing a sense of discomfort. Reality is harsh; however, life is pretty chill. Hence, no matter how things are or will be, life will always move on. Thus, the first part of life is letting go of this lust and passion.

Therefore, the correct question is: what brings peace to the mind? As for me, it has been the creative process of making things. It is a zen moment. Otherwise, some engaging sports are also fun and rewarding. The feeling of completing something is full and meaningful. The process and journey are also fulfilling because of the mental peace.

However, one needs to eat, and it requires money. I wish there were a better way to generate enough to eat and produce what to do. With money comes luxury, but most importantly, it comes with the time to enable and produce more. It is not a matter of earning millions but saving countless hours to work on something that would feel rewarding.