Log 20

c: Feb 09, 2024

Three weeks since my last journal update. Getting into habitual publishing is difficult, especially when nothing much going on in day-to-day life. Though journaling is meant to capture daily updates, maintaining a basic routine can be arduous. It’s easy to get derailed, but that doesn’t mean it’s unavoidable. Often, it’s our emotional state that hinders us from taking action. Life thrives on action, and we thrive on being part of that action.

However, this doesn’t imply I was completely idle. Even though progress was slow, progress was made nonetheless. Last month, I reached the end of a particular journey. It involved grappling with some frustrating systems that took forever to run and expand. While this path might be necessary for some, it doesn’t have to be excruciating. Complex projects, even with their intricacies, often felt manageable because they were simply new features with logical structures to follow.

But large neural networks are different - they’re frustrating because they only work in fabricated scenarios. Moving beyond them without reliable computing power wasn’t enjoyable unless you knew exactly what you were doing and what you wanted to achieve. Some people relish the challenge, and perhaps I was one of them once. But something shifted, rendering all that effort futile. Now, being free from it feels liberating. Sure, there might be less recognition, but the gain in mental well-being and stability is immense. That alone justifies following the hype. It’s safe to assume and follow Apple’s lead: always work on proven technology and try to improve it into something useful and manageable. Instead of researching a novel idea, I bet on novel techniques or processes to achieve the same goal.