Log 4

c: Nov 06, 2023

Today seems rather quiet. It’s been a relaxing day with a focus on fixing animations. Confidence is high that most of the work will be completed by week’s end, which is a much-anticipated time. That’s when everything will come together. Once all requirements are met, there will be freedom to embark on projects that seem possible.

Persistent negative thoughts occasionally weave through the mind, yet they are expected to diminish over time. These thoughts often harbor self-doubt or question opportunities. There seems to be a fundamental flaw within—maybe in the system, maybe elsewhere. But what it is exactly remains unknown, and it has been decided to let that go. Relaxation hasn’t been a priority recently, which may be why stress is making a comeback. Allowing emotions to surface reveals doubts and insecurities, stemming from a fear of progress and the direction of civilization. It’s understood, however, that these efforts will take time but are believed to eventually bear fruit.

After addressing existential risks, the challenge of securing enough resources comes to the forefront. What’s available now is adequate, so embracing a mindset of abundance is the next step. Letting go of any reluctance to accept this and understanding that life’s processes often require time will help alleviate the sense of urgency borne from insecurity. Through this, a sense of peace is finally within reach. Getting back to work, there are still cornerstones left. It’s quite easy to see how different patterns emerge. Most of the joy in programming comes from modeling and simplifying the underlying data, which can immediately resolve most issues. As for the daily story, the world continues to move on. There was rain in the afternoon. One thing about jackets is that their chains break really fast. Why is that? Now, getting a new one will be a story for another day.

Next, what is the easiest meal to optimize for? As a student, it is exhausting to have a small kitchen. It simply complicates matters, and organization becomes challenging. This is probably also due to the nature of the brain. A cluttered mind creates a cluttered environment. One question popping up these days is whether or not to get a Mac. It’s cheap to get a PC that can last for a long time, but what’s the advantage in that? The developer ecosystem in Apple products is a nightmare. However, the customers from that ecosystem have cash. I might have to find some way to tap into that. That’s about it.