Log 5

c: Nov 07, 2023

There are a few things that are important to do. One is writing the thesis and the next is finishing the seminar. There is quite a hurdle in doing some data analysis or displaying the data in a way that is intuitive and fun. There is a boring way to do things however, there is no fun in doing so. The task involves animating the HTML table. Now that it is taking a lot of time, it doesn’t seem fruitful to modify it to the point of fine animation. Rather, it would be worth investing time in something more important and productive.

There are only minor tasks that need to be done yet they are so far apart and disconnected. The first thing to do in the morning is ignore Twitter and move on to work. As a part of the indie hacking culture, there is such an urge to create an audience. But it misses the point that there is no need to create this potential upcoming idea. Since it is about animation, there is plenty of interest from the related party. Further, there is also a detailed commentary on the tools and flaws with current tools. This leaves for an ample space and opportunity to animate.

Therefore, the priority is to complete both the thesis and presentation by the end of this week and move on to do something else something important. Then, there is also a necessity to reassess the goals and values in life. Sure there is one thing about creating skills but there is also another thing about getting ahead in terms of financial freedom. It enables one to get any other freedom.

Over time, it felt PhD was unnecessary. It might provide a platform to start something new and create an audience. However, there are further things that can allow the same amount of growth and confidence. One thing is to be myself. It will only come after peeling the layers of onion skins that are covering the inner shell. It will take time and it will need to take time. There are 10 years of unwinding to do and reassess the values in life.