Log 6

c: Nov 09, 2023

The day was overall productive. Most of the tasks were easy, and GPT-4 is a great assistant when working with data, such as Google Forms. It helped with some code that was able to improve the overall plot for the user study. With most of the content ready, it seems that the thesis is about almost finished. At this point, it is safe to allocate only one more day to wrap up the presentation and another day to wrap up the reading.

Next, the thing to tackle would be the job. At this point, the one from Italy seems to be the best offer. It’s hard to find one without any concrete way to show evidence of doing things. This means it is now high time to work on all those project ideas that have been lurking inside the head. Probably one of those ideas should help me get somewhere.

As for the animation, it seems fun so far. The process is really daunting, but the end result is satisfying and enjoyable. The next step is to improve the design and simplicity. Art can come in many forms. So even with simple concepts and illustrations, conveying emotions is possible. Thus, Procreate dreams will be a cool tool in the upcoming days.

Finally, the next part is working through the GPT’s API. The actions on the GPT seem to be the most relevant part as it will allow to deploy and host new applications on the GPT itself. There are now countless ways to integrate with the tool. What seemed to be an easy barrier, also seemed an endless opportunity for new things! This is a high time to start some cool idea and work through it! The moat should be thought of in a new way!