Log 7

c: Nov 10, 2023

So today has been another day full of contemplating choices and deciding what to do with life. There are choices, and most say to find a better alternative. However, my dumb luck so far hasn’t found anything. The current position is pretty comfortable, and the best part is that the people are nice. This makes a world of difference in working style and the quality of work being put out there.

From another perspective, job hunting is really hard. There are barely any jobs in the market hiring junior engineers. The whole industry is a mess for entry-level roles. What separates a competitive candidate is the experience and the quality of the relevant context. There is one thing about personal interest, and there is another about being valuable. Maybe a possible way is to connect “neural animation” with current relevant methods.

Other than that, there is nothing new. What matters the most is putting relevant waking hours into a project such that it leads to tangible results. There must be a way to get into that state. Then there is an answer to do it! It’s about building momentum and getting into action.