Log 8

c: Nov 15, 2023

Things are going smoothly. There is some profound realization of what is possible and what might be relevant soon. One thing is architecting solutions, and another is understanding them from different perspectives, especially relating them to human nature. Although large language models are capable of faking “emotions” and the “perception” of emotions, forming a connection might still be difficult because of how “hollow” the interaction can be.

Then there are the priorities of things required for surviving and making a living from it. The second part is essential for survival in society, and there is no way to work around it. It is necessary to prove one’s worth. The hardest part lies in trying to prove this fact and understanding that it is hard to prove to the world, even if you feel there is something you can do. The world we live in values the outcome, not the action.

The entire journey has been rather humbling. It introduced me to some crazy things out there and, one way or another, taught me to be myself. There is a good way to live life, and that is by being the way I am. Things will take time, and they must. At the end of the tunnel, there is nothing, and it is perfectly fine to have nothing there.

One must seize the opportunities that come through. To be able to seize such opportunities, one must be open to the possibilities. Even though I realized it late, I finally understood the meaning. Regarding the ideas, I now have a solid list of things that are worthy of pursuing. It is okay to pretend that we have AGI which will replace and out-compete all of us.