Log 9

c: Nov 16, 2023

There are things in life, and there are feelings. Objectively, I have achieved relatively little in terms of the final presentation. For some reason, over the past two months, focusing on the task at hand has been quite challenging. Weeks and days fly by without me making any significant improvements. However, there is a list of things that currently seem interesting and worth pursuing.

A part of my mind is analytical and logical. It continuously judges every moment in time. This judgement, fused with biases from the past, creates a cesspool of bizarre thoughts and stress. It seems pointless to try to figure everything out. The main goal should be about being free from these thoughts and trusting the internal and subconscious process. These intrusive thoughts block the natural flow of the subconscious out into the open. Yet, I believe there will be a way to release it. I talk with many people to find a way to vocalize my thoughts, which I’m realizing may not always be necessary.

Another crucial aspect of all this is the essence of being alive. These days, remaining calm and maintaining a sharp focus is easier than before. The rush and energy that flow through me are more controllable. With a moment of focused breathing, my concentration returns. However, there are times when stress takes over, which are the moments easily manageable with assurance and confidence. Ensuring safety and confidence is vital to improving the overall quality of life.

Then there’s the aspect of creating a marketplace and a personal brand. Branding comes after doing extraordinary things and sharing them with the world. This will take time, and it’s okay to allow that time.